Global Riemann solver for several 3x3 system of conservation laws with degeneracy


主讲人:Wen Shen  宾夕法利亚州立大学教授





宾夕法利亚州立大学教授。研究兴趣:非线性偏微分方程——双曲守恒律、带间断项常微分方程、Differential Games and applications (fishery) 等。特别地,在守恒律理论、数值计算方面做出了很多重要工作。多次获得宾夕法尼亚州立大学教学奖。


A main building block for the analysis of hyperbolic conservation laws is the solution of the Riemann problem, where the initial data are piecewise constant. In general, when the flux is nonlinear and the system is hyperbolic, solutions for Riemann problems only exist for initial data where the jump is sufficiently small. In this talk we consider several 3x3 systems, some from reservoir simulation and some from traffic flow, with parabolic degeneracy. Thanks to special features in the models, we can construct global Riemann solvers. Further research topics for these equations will also be discussed.